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I have an idea of creating a book, which will contain pictures with the hidden meaning and stories.

I invite Point RightEVERYBODY Point Left who's interested to participate. 

The only thing that drives me is my will and passion inside.

I've been searching for what I want to do in life for so long, and I know that I haven't found it yet. But what I clearly know now is that I want to INSPIRE people all around the world, and this is the tiniest thing I can do to make this dream come true.

The whole consept of the book is devoted to a HUMAN. Yes, exactly, a human being. I want it to reflect both dark and light sides, happiness and sorrow, laugh and tears, love and hatred, friendship and enmity, routine and exeptional occations filled with joy. Life, in general. 

I want to show that it's ok not to be perfect either physically or mentally, not to be like everybody else and to be like everybody else, to be insecure about some certain things and to know that there ARE people, who share the same problem and who can help. Even if the picture doesn't let us see the face of the artist, we can feel her/his soul, because that is exactly what artists do, when they create. And this is our print in this galaxy. 

The pictures may be ANYTHING. The only thing is that the artist should be satisfied with the result. It can be a family, the simplest fast food eating session, a native city or a town, the most favourite place, the most desirable place or a thing, a lover, a friend, a abstract picture of anything. Whatever comes to your mind. 

Some of the pictures may be provided with some self-written stories. They WILL NOT be only in English, but as this language is most known by people all around the globe, there will be the translation. But I don't want it do dominate the book. Each language is exeptionally marvellous, as a linguist I know it very well, and that is why if any of you want to share something about yourself, any story that has happened to you or ANY creation of you, and if your mother tongue is not English, I propose you to do it in the language you feel like doing it, in your mother tongue would be awesome. My first language is Russian, that's why I'll be writing some stories in this language for sure.

The book contains four sections:

the place



It can be understood from the titles what each section will include, everybody can choose for themselves where they want their picture to be.
I'm planning to create a 60-70 pages, but if it all goes well, I think the amount can easily change. 

This is the first picture ever for this project:
Everybody can find something for themselves in it. I wanted to say that there's the endless galaxy inside each of us,and that sometimes we do not understand it. There's much more I wanted to say, but I suppose you'll find it on your own.

This project will not last a month or a season, it will last a year or two untill everything is ready. I don't want to put pictures or stories I or you are not satisfied with, that's why I don't want you to be quick with it. Sit down, think, do, redo if don't like and ect. No hurry!! 

This is pretty much it for now, but I also wanted to thank everybody, who spends even little time looking at my artworks or reading everything I write. I can't express how GRATEFUL I am, this is you and only you who make me better everyday! Thank you so much! From all of my soul!!I Love You Emote I love you so much!

Stay tuned!!

  • Mood: Caring
  • Listening to: BTS
  • Reading: 100 years of loneliness
  • Watching: Tarzan
  • Eating: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  • Drinking: Tea


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Worth waiting for by MaryandJim
Worth waiting for
Today is :iconpunkn13:'s birthday!! She's one of the most talented people I know!! 
Happy Birthday!! Love, happiness and love to be all around you all year round :)
Happy Birthday, Tania! by MaryandJim
Happy Birthday, Tania!
:icondigigirl-8th-kari:'s birthday has come!! Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best: HEALTH, LOVE, LUCK, REALIZATION OF YOUR DREAMS! I wish smile would be the most frequent guest on your face, be happy!!!
Gold by MaryandJim
Dear Lulu!! Happy birthday!! I wish only the best for u: love, happiness, health, true friendship and success. Stay as awesome as u are!!!
:iconthereina: spend the day amazinly!!

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