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Commissions!!!!!!!!! Different kinds of
Grow till Tall by MaryandJim
Mavis by MaryandJim
commission: Dubh Vhar by MaryandJim
James Hawkins by MaryandJim
I'll be here by MaryandJim
Friends by MaryandJim

First, I’d like to say some ‘rules’ before presenting a price list:

no nsfw (i mean really no hard-core pornography, if the thing is about kisses and huuugs and even some passion “nice” actions, I’ll draw it with pleasure)

no comlicated backgrounds (usually i draw without them, because it looks rather good and I’d be happy not to do a backgroung, but I’m ready to draw something simple)

- i can draw your ocs or your beloved characters from anime, cartoons, movies, and even you with your friends, also I can make a photo-to-cartoon picture

- please, be polite, and if you’ve changed your mind about commissioning me, please write about it immediately, and don’t disappear after I sent you a picture, like one person did to me

- after I sent you a finished work (besides, if it’s a colored work, I can sent the sketch to you too), the picture is all yours! If you want me to submit it to my account, I will, just say it. And you post it on yours, please mention my nickname with a link to my tumblr page, that’s all I ask you to do

- if I feel uncomfortable, I won't accept the commission

- payment is through paypal or qiwi wallet

so, if you feel Ok after reading this, please go further


Pencil/Digital Sketches:

Bust - 4$
Halfbody - 7$
Fullbody - 8$
Additional character:
Bust - 3$
Halfbody/Fullbody - 7$

Two-color (I choose a beautiful color and shades of it will be like a sun shining on the characters, in general, trust me it’s good):

Bust - 5$
Halfbody - 9$
Fullbody - 10$
Additional character:
Bust - 4$
Halfbody - 8$ 
Fullbody - 10$

Flat color:

Bust - 7$
Halfbody - 12$
Fullbody - 16$
Additional character:
Bust - 5$
Halfbody/Fullbody- 13$  

Simple shading:

Bust - 8$
Halfbody - 15$
Fullbody - 18$
Additional character:
Bust - 6$
Halbody - 13$
Fullbody - 16$ 

Soft shading:

Bust - 10$
Halfbody - 18$
Fullbody - 20$
Additional characters:
Bust - 8$
Halfbody - 15$
Fullbody - 18$ 

For the 1st commissioner - 20% discount (flat, simple or soft shading), 10% (others)

For the 2nd - 10% ( flat, simple and soft shading), 5% (others)

For the 3rd - 5% (all)

So, buddies, if an idea of having such a piece of art has appeared in your mind and you have any questions, contact me at or write me in tumblr or da. I don’t bite ;)



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Hello, fellas!:)
Free counters!
Hello everyone!!:hellothere: 

Recently, I've been participating in :iconmerhppderhpp:'s feature-tag-journal, and I found it very useful. Unfortunatelly, lots and lots of artists, who truly deserve our attention, keep staying on the outskirts of the art arena, and somehow cannot achieve success they may dream about, just giving up.

Then there goes Shia Labeouf just for this situation! Just -DO IT , YES YOU CAN !!! DO IT! JUST DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! STOP GIVING UP!
oh, I really like this speechSnidley Laugh - NaNoEmo14 Day 13 

I know that there's not much I can do, because I'm not so popular, but I really want to do the best I can to help people get attention. So, here comes my Feature-tag jounal. The first 15 people, who comment this journal, can be sure to get featured in this journal with their 3 pictures/writings I chose. Then you do the same journal yourself, Pretty cool, huh ;) I really hope that it'll help you even a bit to spread the information.

Here they are::lag: 
1. :iconxxtchan:
Sisterers by xxTchanClass Rep  by xxTchanM And M by xxTchan

2. :iconaloisebrennan: she's a great greeat and talented person!!! 

Truth Be ToldIt's time for a change so I need to do something I don't often do.
That would be telling the truth.
I'm the kind of person who doesn't want you to worry.
If you ask how I am in a casual setting, I will straight up lie.
"I'm doing just fine!"
Cheery smile and all.
I'm a good liar, because no one seems to bother me further.
I'm too good of a liar.
So the truth is becoming more necessary.
I am not fine. At all.
I want to move from one square to the next.
I feel like I'm not getting anywhere.
It's one step forward and two steps back.
The progression is like letting a small sore get infected.
Just a big setback.
Haven't moved on at the faster pace as I hoped.
I am willing to let go, but somehow I can't get away.
It's like I'm eating my tail, and the cycle never a ends.
Never gone, never satisfied, never well fed, never free.
Part of me is losing interest is writing these verses already.
The stubbornness inside is my only driving force to the finish line.
I'm sorry if I don't pay you enough
A VaseIt's an "eat your heart out" sort of feeling...
That realization that dashes in and
Grabs the vase of flowers
Tosses it onto the floor and shatters of ceramic value scatter everywhere
It isn't a curse
Or a killing blow
More like knocking away a spider web
And leaving it one, maybe a kind two, strands alone to hang
Onto the frame of a termite-eaten door
You feel those threads straining?
They do that when gravity gets strong enough
Gravity is a force that could hold you down
On the ground if it were increased enough
It's only a scientific point of view
Gravity is just a force
It can get insanely heavy
Yet look at what man alone has created to combat
A force of nature
We are flying
So why not take part
In a glorious, unanimous dream
And get above the forces holding you down
Rise to the peak of your own salvation
Try over and over again to discover the power
To push against the pull
To steady what was once precarious
Glue the vase together
Who cares if you can see the cracks?
I'm cracked b
No More LiliesNo more lilies in the water
Saudered cold, the folding sky
Bitter bright, the moon at night
Pining for her home
Row down, ye row
The lilies will not hold you
Row down, ye row
To me, come home
Her home is paved with silver
And built of honor's steel
Of copperplate the gilded gate
Open to her love
Row down, ye row
The lilies will not hold you
Row down, ye row
To me, come home
A beggar's at the altar
And children in the rye
Evening stays on lunar rays
Bearing from above
Row down, ye row
The lilies will not hold you
Row down, ye row
To me, come home
Come riding, the miller's daughter
Silent through the marsh
'Cross the glen and off again
Wandering from her home
Row down, ye row
The lilies will not hold you
Row down, ye row
To me, come home
The soldier boy is crying
His last adieu afloat
'Fore the close is sewn the nose
Souls are gone to heav'n
Row down, ye row
The lilies will not hold you
Row down, ye row
To me, come home

Don't be lazy read these!! 

3. :iconxxxxmikuxxxx:
me by XxXxMIKUxXxXChibime 20140323151645 by XxXxMIKUxXxXhope you guys liek it...... by XxXxMIKUxXxX

4.:icondanysoul: ;)
A.D.D.K. by DanySoulgirl by DanySoulgirl 2 by DanySoul

Also, I've bumped into :iconxxxxmikuxxxx:'s journal about :iconxxtchan:, and I really want to help these people to become more popular somehow. So, please, go check them out! Look, their art is cool! 

Besides, a very cool artist,who I've mentioned already, is now open for commissions (as well as me) and, oh come on, just check out :icondanysoul:' art, it's gorgeous!! Look! 
What's in my bag? by DanySoulKikis Delivery Service by DanySoulRedraw Hetalia by DanySoul
Great, huh?? Go, follow her! pacman 

Also, just a quick reminder, I'm open to commissions!!!! The lowest price is 4$! GO CHECK ME OUT! And DO THE THING!!

Have a nice day,
  • Mood: Artistic

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