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All that I want, writing it, is to express my opinion. That’s all.

I clearly don’t understand why Disney or DreamWorks or 20thcentury Fox are not making 2D cartoons anymore. Those animation movies are aliver than 3D. Let me explain what I mean. When artist is sitting at the table and trying to create, to liven, to explore the character, he puts in this even the lest sketch so much of his soul as we can see it. He thinks about this so hard, for us. Eventually, when movie is ready, we can see beautifully, carefully, amazingly genious masterpiece, where each character is literally alive. Creating and drawing them the artist-animator puts himself into the character, who reflects the feeling and the heart of the creator. My favourite animator is Glen Keane and I want to quote his words. He said that when he was working on ‘Tarzan”s scene, where Tarzan and Jane Porter meet each other, and Tarzan explores that there’re another creatures like him, Glean Kean said that Tarzan eyes were the eyes of himself when he saw her newborn daugher for the first time. It is very very deep and beautiful. Exactly those minds, thoughts and memories of animator are the mirronings, the feeling of him are making the character alive. Every frame is drawn by the human, isn’t it amazing that people can do such incredible things just using their inspiration, imagination and talent of drawing? It is so great! And what do we have now? Just 3D animation, where the computer can do everything by itself. It’s not alive anymore. Those eyes are not alive. And eyes reflect the soul of not just human and the character too. I can’t resist that I love some of the 3D movies, for example I honestly adore ‘Rise of the Guardians’. But I can’t say that this movie is brisk enough. I don’t know why everyone stopped doing 2D. I understand that it’s hard and gravely, but it’s true. Every time I see ‘Tarzan’ and the scene, where he’s talking to his mother in his Dad’s costume, I can’t not cry, beause it is very touching. But when I see ‘Tangled’, for instance, again, I don’t weep anymore. But I can’t refuse the fact that I cry everytime I see the end of ‘Brave’ or ‘The Croods’, because the plot is very deep. Well, I’m very sensitive person, maybe that’s why I react so. But, the main difference between watching 2D and 3D cartoons repeatedly is that when I see 2D’s moments without watching the whole movie I feel the atmosphere at the first oneset and tears instantly, undeniably and unquestioningly are running, just remeber the ‘Lion King’ stage of the death of the king or the ‘Mulan’ scene, where she returnes and hugs her Dad and fugure out that she’s so important for him; but when I see 3D’s moments I should watch the whole movie to feel it strongly, for example if I watch the ‘Frozen’ scene, where Elsa hugs her frozen sister Anna, I wouldn’t cry. I dunno, perhaps it’s just me, who thinks so, but it’s my opinion.

For example, imagine ‘Tangled’ as drawn cartoon. I don’t think that the ugly and strange picture appeared in your head. By the way, Rapunzel doesn’t look like the original sketch-done version, made by Glean Keane. We can see differences between his paper drawings and 3D model.

Of course, the improvment of the computer advantages are great, we live in modern world, where everything is changing, and people use it amazingly, but honestly creative and wishful artists can move the mountains without new tecnologies. And their masterpieces wouldn’t be worser than 3D animation movies. All I want is to see new 2D cartoons again, to feel the way those alive characters feel, to try to draw them exactly like in the movies. I don’t want 3D animation to move away, because I like it too, but there shoul be the place for 2D too. 

Let me fifnish my speech with Glean Keane’s words: ‘I draw the things that I know. The things that are real to me’.

Don’t understand me in the wrong way, anyway this is my opinion. That’s all.

Sorry for bad English, and thank you very much for reading.

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Thank you so much! It is amazing!
Martafav Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist
so what did you think of my story?
VoyagetoDiscover2013 Sep 27, 2013  Student General Artist
happy birthday! :D 
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