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About what?

Today I rode the subway. I was sitting. At the door stood a young girl. Why she got there? Maybe just was not the place, just maybe did not want to sit and ... who knows? Only she, and maybe she does not know. Why is her head is down? Maybe she's upset, and she was tired, or hurt her ... who knows? Only she said.What was she thinking? Nobody knows, but she. The most amazing thing she did not move for the time of the train. She stood there and did not move, as if she - a statue. Even more surprising was the fact that she was in the hands of a sprig of lilac. White lilacs. Why not? Someone gave her this, she tore it or to give to someone? Who knows? Only she said. All are different and so she is. Who is she? She is ..... me.
I do not know. After school, I was just a surprising mood. I'd like to think about life and even a little cry. How many people that need help, and we just pass by. I'm not saying that all these, there is a small handful of people with good moral values​​, but they are so little.

This story is not about the problems of people, and helping neighbors. No. I just wanted to write it. After all, though, ever thought we the people standing next to you. Yes, he or she is not familiar to you, but ... Think about it a philosophical story.
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May 12, 2012
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